Why Your Facebook Ad Account got Disabled


If you’ve ever tried using Facebook Advertising or you are considering trying it out, this really is important to read and familiarize yourself with. Facebook isn’t like other advertising networks or companies that will just let you sign up, develop into a paying member, and begin using their platform to promote. Facebook needs to balance the on site experience of their users with the revenue they are generating from advertisers. If Facebook just allowed anyone to start making ads, as much as they like, in whatever ways they choose, and spending whatever they want, Facebook would lose users. Facebook would just become a platform diluted and disrupted by so many advertisements that people would get fed up and quit using Facebook. The number of individuals using Facebook Advertising has increased so much that Facebook was forced to implement some significant measures to ensure they can mitigate the risk of “bad” advertisers using their platform .

Facebook is tech company, and like the majority of other tech companies, wish to innovate and automate as much as they can, no matter what. They choose to automate the entire process of sifting thru which advertisers are “good”, and which of them are “bad”. Unfortunately, it’s not a “black and white” process to identify good advertisers, and frequently “good” advertisers end up with their Facebook Ad Account disabled or banned. If this happened to you, your Facebook Ad Account was likely disabled due to one of the following:


Create a Facebook Ad Account and commence attempting to make ads immediately. Facebook assumes the normal user will be cautious when making ads, and not rush. If you jump in and produce 5,10, or 20 ads right off the bat, they will consider that suspicious and disable the account.


Create a Facebook ad in a new Facebook Ad Account, set your day-to-day maximum for the ad, then change the daily max by double or even more. Again, Facebook assumes that new users will be cautious and this could be considered suspicious.


Create a Facebook ad in a new Facebook Ad Account, set your bidding to auto, then change to manual bid and adjust the bid, then change bidding back to auto. This is another scenario that would be considered suspicious and lead an automatic disabling of the new ad account.


Create a Facebook Ad Account and/or ads from your home computer, then log into the account from any other location. Facebook logs the IP address that you create the account on and they track the IP addresses that you typically log in from, to develop a “location profile” of your usage. However, you log in to a new Facebook Ad Account from anywhere other than the location where you created the account, they flag your account and it is disabled.


Add a payment method to your account that has already been used with another Facebook Ad Account that was disabled without any reason. They store all payment methods using the first 5 and last 4 numbers on every credit card, because they cannot legally store and access the full credit card number (PCI Compliance). However, with these numbers they are able to “black list” certain payment methods. When Facebook blacklists a payment method, they also blacklist the IP address used to submit the payment method, and the address information associated with the payment method.


Add a payment method to your account where any of the information on the account does not match the payment method information. This is not just restricted to the names matching; if you add a credit card that features a billing address 10 miles from the location you created the Facebook Ad Account, the account could be disabled.


Log into your Facebook personal account from a different device than your Ad Account was set up on and in a different location, while you are logged in on your home computer. This is one of the easiest ways for Facebook to flag your account. They simply assume that you cannot be logged into your account from two different locations, and therefore someone else should be logged into your account as well. Having anyone access your personal account, besides you, is against Facebook Terms of Service.

These are the most common reasons why “good” advertisers may have their Facebook Ad Account disabled or banned. Most of these reasons are not explicitly provided by Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/) and suggestions made in their community discussions are typically not specific (https://www.facebook.com/business/help/community/question/?id=10152842858838579).
The main reason your account was disabled can vary greatly slightly from the reasons above, or it might be a mix of things. If you need assistance or consulting, feel free to reach us at consulting@fissionads.com to schedule an appointment. We have been working with Facebook advertising for years and inevitably have had issues come up, but most can be resolved and prevented from happening in the future.


Ways to Use Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook insights is definitely an very effective tool that numerous people don’t utilize inside their Facebook ads account. Facebook Insights shows the existence-blood stream from the Facebook pages. You will see from census to a lot of popular posts inside your page. Keeping track of your data may help enhance your Facebook ad campaigns and acquire very valuable facts about your clients. In this particular guide, we are going tho walk-through all the items of Facebook Audience Insights and the way to interpret the data to enhance your Facebook presence.

To discover your Facebook Audience Insights page, navigate for the handled Facebook page. Try searching in the most effective navigation bar from the Facebook page and you will go to a tab referred to as ‘Insights‘. This is where all of your Information particulars sit where we’re employed in the next sentences.

1. Overview

The Facebook Insights Overview tab shows an over-all review of your page information. This website shows you a few important items of your Facebook page. It shows you people, achieve, page likes and actions on-page. Its great to find out these stats in an advanced since they are the existence blood stream from the page. The Data People section shows you introducing your greatest audience demographic additionally as to the product is your most frequent customer on.


As you have seen within the example, above this page’s finest demo is lady 65 . We could utilize this information to pay attention to this demographic and acquire greater Facebook CTR with this particular Ads.

The Achieve and Page Likes boxes are pretty self explanatory. They deomonstrate the achieve your page is becoming for your date-range specified combined with the likes your page has become. Furthermore they demonstrate an assessment every week before too discover in case your achieve and likes are up or lower. Individuals things on-page stat shows you the amount of total actions your page has become. Actions might be clicks, link clicks, publish likes, comments, shares, etc.

The bottom part of the audience insights overview tab shows you your 5 latest posts the page using their targeting, achieve, type and engagement. This might demonstrate your most broadly used recent publish and enables you boost them in the information page. I do not suggest using boost publish unless of course obviously its for something very specific. Getting Facebook control simply how much spent is not a terrific way to run your Facebook Ad campaigns.


The likes tab in Facebook Insights shows you good quality particulars concerning the likes your page receives. While using the data using this page can help you enhance your page likes and grow in traction along with your Facebook page.


It allows you to definitely certainly specify certain date-ranges but we usually utilize the last four weeks to really find some data.

The very best box shows your general page likes to-date. You will see the exponential growth and development of your page likes overtime. You’ll be able to hover inside the graph to find out likes every day and merely the number of loves had anytime of your energy. This is a great reference to the start to see the growth and development of your page and likes.

Internet likes shows all of you like actions. Whether it is acquiring a like or losing a like, it shows you every bit in the easy to use graph. It may be helpful to look for the quantity of people are unliking your page then when. If you see a sizable drop on likes relating to this graph, you can test the date to uncover why people are unliking your page. Its potential you have made a publish or ad that people didn’t like. You may be posting too often and flooding peoples new feed that could also create unlikes.

Where your page likes happened helps guide you you received likes from your clients. Whether it was from an advert, inside your page, ads or other sources. Its better to track this data because you’ve always wondered where your main likes are coming initially from from to be able to make the most of that. If plenty of you’re coming initially from from an advert your creating, it may be worth throwing a little more money only at that ad to enhance you.

3. Reach

The Reach tab in Facebook Audience Insights gives you an thorough review of the overall achieve from the Facebook page. Achieve means the amount of Facebook clients your publish or page that visit your page. Similar to the Likes tab, you’ve 4 detailed graphs that report publish achieve, reactions/comments/shares, junk e-mail/unlikes, and total achieve.


The publish achieve graph shows the achieve from the page posts. This really is frequently any publish, image or link you be part of your page. It shows a separation of organic and compensated achieve. Organic achieve is the amount of people who saw your page from organic sources, like searching in Facebook, google or buddies talking about the page.

Compensated achieve is the amount of people you showed up at through boosted posts or Facebook ads. Its better to start to see the different between compensated and organic achieve and days which every single were either greater or lower. This allows you to definitely certainly boil lower what your location is acquiring probably the most achieve from whether it is organic or compensated. In the event you check out our publish achieve graph, you will see we have a decent quantity of achieve through our ads which creates a great Facebook presence and produces more organic achieve (likes, shares, etc).

The next graph you will observe inside the Audience Insights could be the reaction, comments and shares graph. This shows a graph of all the reactions, comments and shares inside your page for your given time period. It genuinely shows the bet on the page. The higher reactions, comments and shares your page has, the higher achieve it’ll enter turn.

Its a great graph to look for the volume of shares and comments your page will get. Once the stats relating to this graph are low, you might want to take a look at content inside your page and discover the easiest method to ensure it is more appeal content that Facebook clients will love and share. Some pages just aren’t pages that numerous people discuss and that’s ok. As extended because the reactions and shares are high, you are getting more organic achieve and organic likes.

The Hide, Junk e-mail and as opposed to graph is considered the most significant graphs relating to this tab. This shows you the amount of negative actions people coping your page/posts. Anytime someone hides your publish, reviews it junk e-mail or unlikes this website, it’ll appear here. Keeping a eye relating to this graph is essential if you are getting plenty of unlikes and junk e-mail reviews, you will have to have a much deeper take a look at page. A website with many different junk e-mail reviews and unlikes could possibly get removed by Facebook.

Remember that it’s natural to acquire some unlikes and hides. Possibly an individual likes your page but didn’t as being a specific publish you printed and hide it. In this particular situation, there is nothing that can be done. Have a good eye round the graph so when anything spikes, you might like to check out all of your page to determine which might well be happening.

The ultimate graph inside the Likes tab could be the Total Achieve graph. This graph shows you your general achieve for that page from posts, publish for the page by others, page like ads, mentions and checkins. This summarizes the entire achieve from the page and breaks it into organic and compensated that people experienced earlier in this particular section.

4. Page Views

The page sights tab shows all page sights your page has become. It breaks it lower to be able to see page sights by section, by age & gender, country, city and device.

An excellent graph too see where all of your visitors are coming initially from from along with a couple of census about people visitors.

As you have seen out of your page, nearly all our visitors result from either Facebook or Google. It shows us that individuals get about typically 30 page sights towards the page every day.

5. Actions on-page

The next tab we’ll discuss could be the Actions on-page tab. This tab will reveal all the actions that have been adopted your Facebook page. Including get direction clicks, phone number clicks, website clicks and positive approach clicks.

We are an online business therefore we don’t possess a directions link… nor do there is available an unknown number link and then we have actions readily available pieces. When searching within the first graph, you will see we have about 1-2 clicks towards the website out of your page, every day. This count occurs when people click your website link inside your Facebook page.

6. Posts

The Publish tab shows all of your page publish in addition to their achieve & engagement stats. You may even begin to see the publish type combined with the targeting (or no).

There’s a few vital pieces in the following paragraphs which exist too much information online from. The initial part of this website shows the occasions and occasions your clients are most active. This can be such good data because this can be when running your ad campaigns. Just in case your campaign has ad scheduling this can be data to merely advertise inside the given occasions and days your clients are most active. This could raise the CTR and user reactions inside your page.

Another awesome piece to look at could be the engagement stats inside the printed publish section. This shows the clicks/reactions for each publish inside your page. You’ll be able to calculate reaction CPA per publish too get yourself a gauge from the content and the way “reactionable” it’s. Enables take our publish “Do you’ve these signs of Vitamin D deficiency”… It’s had 2.1k publish clicks and 263 reactions. For 263 (reactions) divided by 2,100 (publish clicks) you obtain .125. Multiply that by 100 and you also get about 12.5% CTA percent. So about 12% of individuals that click the ad either share, like or discuss it. This can be round the low finish to date as reactions per click nonetheless its a terrific way to try out your ads for “reactionability”.

7. Videos

Information video tab shows you a listing of your video data. This can be videos you’ve posted for the Facebook page. Facebook just added this piece to Information which is a awesome section if you are a relevant video-heavy page.

As you have seen out of your page, we’ve no active videos however, this tab shows you videos sights, 10-second sights and top videos.

The most effective section shows you the amount of total video sights you have had. To look in this particular graph it ought to be seen not under seconds.

The second section shows the amount of 10-second video sights your page has received. Your video ought to be seen not under 10-seconds to look here.

Top videos shows a listing of your top videos by video sights. You may even see video sights by organic versus. compensated to destroy it lower much more.

8. People

The ultimate tab is the most important tab for nearly any Facebook marketer. Individuals tab shows you detailed statistics relating to your page fans census.

Searching within the example above, we could realize that 82% of folks that like our page are As well as only 17% are men. We could utilize this data when creating ads and posts knowning that our page is primary tailored for Women. While many of our fans are Men, we generally stray from advertising to Men because we’ll get a much greater ad CTR when targeting women. Another essential factor relating to this section could be the age census. We could see that the majority the women that like our page are between 45 and 65. Applying this information when creating audiences can enhance your CTR.

The section piece is country, city and language census. This really is frequently useful according to which type of page you’ve. If you are controlling a webpage for just about any local (geographically) business or product you may see greater figures for that locality. Inside our situation, we are a worldwide wide website and page and then we see traffic from lots of different nations, urban centers etc. This post is still very useful for people because we could see our finest ‘engagers’ based on city and language. We could start using these values when targeting census for that finest CTR’s possible using geo-location targeting.

If you click on the next tab (people showed up at) you will observe data that shows the quantity of people you had been provided to. This tab includes the fan/like census in the last page and matches it towards the total achieve. It provides the identical demographic stats in the previous page based on country, city, and language.

The ultimate section inside the people tab could be the engagement tab. This is where you will see census based on engagement. This really is really the very best information to look at when trying to make a good audience in Facebook ads. Just how is this the most important? Well its because you want most likely probably the most engagement possible along with your page which shows the census that will probably interact along with your page. If you choose the information using this section to create targeted census you’ll increase the chances of you that demo engaging. As you have seen using this page, our most engaged clients are Women over the age of 65 . Meaning whenever we target that demo, there exists a greater chance of engagement around the page.

Once, you realize every one of these pieces, using Facebook Insights to create highly targeted

Facebook ads needs to be quite simple. The Data tool may be an extremely effective piece for the online marketing campaigns. For further specific questions and solutions, visit the Facebook Insights Help Page.

How I Made $1.4 Million With AdSense & Facebook

million dollar adsense

Many people assume that arbitrage is not any longer relevant..but they’d be approach wrong. i’m getting to show you ways I revamped $1.4 million bucks with arbitrage victimization Facebook and Google AdSense.

There ar some little factors that folks dump once attempting to achieve success with arbitrage. during this article, i’m getting to re-evaluate the way to increase AdSense revenue and reduce Facebook ad pay… leading to higher profits and better ROI.

Facebook Ads

If you’re not using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your web site, then you’re missing out on a vital vertical of quality net traffic that may boost your web site to ensuing level. many folks have tried Facebook Ads by making a poster with the default image and default targeting.. however do not get the results they’re expecting.

The key to Facebook Ads is obtaining high CTR (click-through rate) ads. once this happens your relevant score goes up which ends in lower CPC (cost-per-click). once your CPC’s are low, your profits raise… and this can be the key.

So however does one get higher CTR ads? Well, knowing your audience is one vital piece. this enables you to focus on specific demographics which can remove all those folks that would not have clicked on your ad. this may lower your CPC.

Another vital piece of your Facebook Ad is your text and image. victimization the default image that Facebook picks for you’ll possibly get you no results. Ads that stand out a lot of can get a lot of clicks that the secret is to form a extremely participating ad with a targeted demographic. One nice technique i exploit to form high CTR Facebook Ads is to use text on the image. i exploit Adobe Photoshop however you’ll realize several free tools which will enable you to try to to this. Facebook solely permits two hundredth of text on a image… and that i prefer to use the soap quantity. Use text colors that distinction along with your image and build it pop. this may grab the readers eye and increase CTR.

Google AdSense

Increasing your AdSense revenue also will facilitate raise profits. There ar some nice ways in which to try to to this that a lot of folks do not know regarding.
A great tip to extend your AdSense revenue is to visualize out your placement on your web site. what number ads does one have on top of the fold? does one have ads in high traffic areas? will your ad distinction along with your page or mix in?

Answering these queries will facilitate raise AdSense CTR and CPC. Another vital issue has image and text ads enabled. once you solely enabled one, you’re missing out on attainable revenue from advertisers. Its additionally vital to use responsive ads. many folks ar moving to their mobile phones for web browsing and it is your job as a webmaster to form your web site mobile friendly. simply having a mobile friendly web site can increase your revenue by V-day.

One of the foremost vital components of accelerating AdSense revenue is to extend your pageviews. The a lot of times somebody browses through your web site, the a lot of likelihood of a poster obtaining clicked. Keeping users on your web site may be a terribly crucial half if you would like to form something with AdSense. Your pageviews per session ought to be over three. every further pageview you get will increase your possibilities of a lot of revenue thus have a user friendly web site with participating content which will build somebody keep longer.

Advertising Management System

Having an Advertising Management System may be a necessary piece to the current whole equation. while not the AMS system I used, i would not are ready to build the number of cash I did. Having an area to ascertain every Facebook ad blitz and correlating AdSense pages/campaigns is that the solely thanks to build this quantity of cash. you’ll jazz manually and do OK, however if you would like to be terribly winning, you want to use arbitrage management system like this. i actually like Fission Ads as a result of it automates everything for you. All you’ve got to try to to is produce smart Facebook Ads and it motor vehicle bids on the ads for you supported your ROI and profit. You just about simply set it and forget it.