60 Incredible Online Marketing Tools


Digital marketing has becoming a huge piece of any business whether its online or offline. Whether you are the CMO or a intern in the advertising department, these 60 marketing tools will help increase your productivity, automate advertising and increase profits.

FissionAds – This is the #1 tool to use for automating your online advertising. We are at the top of this list for a reason. Our automated advertising suite allows you to automate your entire online advertising process.

Price: Starting @ $24/month

Lucky Orange – Lucky Orange is a great tool founded in Kansas City. Lucky Orange allows you to see exactly how people are interacting with your site. Just install a small piece of javascript code on your website and you can watch your visitors live as they navigate your site! For only $20 you can track up to 3 sites. I mean, that is a great deal!

Price: Starting @ $10/month

Buzzsumo – A great tool for finding the best content on the web. See the most shared content on the web, trending content and powerful insights on your content. Buzzsumo is a must-have for any content marketer looking for good content ideas.

Price: Starting @ $99/month

Sprout Social – Sprout Social is a social media management CRM that allows you to find places to engage social followers, publish messages to all your social networks and to measure and track all your social efforts.

Price: Starting @ $59/month

Google Trends – Google Trends is a great place to explore popular topics and keywords. Just enter in your search term and see Google search interests over time and by region. This is a good tool to use to find similar and longtail keywords to use for your SEO campaigns. Just note that the data is not super accurate, but hey…its free!

Price: Free

SumoMe – SumoMe is a family of tools that are used to grow your websites traffic. They have a list builder that is great for email signups, a heat-map and share tools; all creating more traffic to your site.

Price: Free option (plans start @ $40/month)

JustReachOut – JustReachOut is a website that allows you to find journalist who have written about a specific keyword. You can then contact them and pitch them an idea in your niche. But don’t expect to contact the journalist without pulling out your wallet. Their lowest plan starts at $65/mo.

Price: Starting @ $65/month

Notify – Notify.ly is a platform where you can search mentioned keywords on various social media networks. All you do is setup some notification for your business name, competitors, events, etc. You then select al lthe social media networks you want to track. Notify will send you notifications when your topic gets mentioned on any of the social media networks.

Price: N/A

SEO by Yoast – If you have a WordPress blog (which you should) then you must have the SEO by Yoast plugin. Its easily the best WordPress SEO plugin and has tons of great features to simplify your on-page SEO.

Price: Free

HootSuite – This software allows you to manage all of your social media accounts, all in one place.

Price: Starting @ $9.99/month

CoSchedule – Coschedule is a really cool tool for any WordPress blogger or digital marketer. You can schedule just about anything besides a hair appointment. Plan when your social media accounts will make engaging posts, send messages or share content.

Price: Starting @ $60/month

Colibri.IO – Colibri is a awesome tool that allows you to view your brand visibility across the web. Find conversations about your product, company, competitors or your service. See what customers are saying about your company on social networks.

Price: Starting @ $45/month

Boomerang for Gmail – Boomerang is a Gmail extensions where you can set reminders to follow up with important emails. Once you add it to chrome, it will show up in your Gmail and you can set reminders.

Price: Free

Buffer – Buffer allows you to schedule any social media posts or content. Simply enter in your post details and you can instantly share it or schedule it to all of your social networks at once.

Price: Starting @ $10/month

NextScripts: Social Auto-Poster – If you have a WordPress blog, this plugin is a must. It allows you to auto-post all your WordPress posts to your social networks. Just link up your accounts and it will automatically post your content to your blog when you post articles.

Price: Free

Salesforce – Salesforce is the worlds largest CRM. They have a plethora of software tools for lead generation and curation. They have products for sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, apps and IoT.

Price: N/A

Facebook Power Editor – The Facebook Power Editor is an amazing tool inside of Facebook that makes the creation of Facebook ads a whole lot easier. You can also do a lot of things you cant do in ads manager like create Instagram ads, lead ads and video ads.

Price: Free (cpc)

Adwords Keyword Planner – The keyword planner (previously the keyword tool) is Adwords’ free keyword research tool. Although it’s not super accurate or up to date with the latest trends, its a good measure of competition in the Marketplace and good keyword research tool.

Price: Free

Quantcast – Put the small piece of js code on your site and you will know your visitors like never before. Quantcast allows you to understand your audience more by giving you highly detailed information about them like interests and demographics.

Price: Freemium

TweetDeck – TweetDeck is tool on twitter where you can,  create custom Twitter experiences,  post to twitter and manage all your Twitter accounts; which is great for a online marketer who may have a bunch of Twitter accounts.

Price: Free

Klout – Klout has a weird name..but its a cool idea. It allows you to create content and track the sharability of it. It gives you a real in depth look at your online presence in social media.

Price: Freemium

Google Webmaster Tools – If you are a online marketer or webmaster and you don’t use Google Webmaster Tools..well then you should find a new job because you suck at this one! Google Wembaster Tools is your eye into Googles data about your website. Submit your sitemap, set crawl rates, and see your indexed keywords and their rank. This is one of the most powerful tools for any online marketer.

Price: Free

KewordTool – Keywordtool is a tool that allows you to find similar keywords for your SEO campaigns. Enter in your keyword and find similar keywords, their search volume and Adwords CPC costs for that keyword. This is a great tool for any CPC marketer.

Price: Starting @ $48/month

SimilarWeb – SimilarWeb is was one of favorite web apps. It allows you to see insights fand tor any website or competitor. Enter in a URL and you can see their ranks in search, social, display and more.

Price: Free (Plans start @ $199/month)

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is the most popular traffic tracking tool on the web. Its free, powerful and allows you to track conversions, e-commerce, goals and a plethora of useful information about your website and its visitors.

Price: Free

Pingdom Speed Test – This is the best tool for testing website speed. Enter in your URL and see your load time for a specific web page.

Price: Free

Dasheroo – Dasheroo is a dashboard tool that can integrate all your data from social media and advertising accounts. You can choose from simple templates and create customized dashboards.

Website Grader – If you want to see a grade for your website, this tool allows you to get graded on a number of factors. You have to opt in with your name and email but it gives you an instant grade of your website on all sorts of data points.

Price: Free

WooRank – WooRank is another tool that allows you to see stats about your website. It gives you data points like SEO, Mobile, Usability, Crawl Errors and backlinks to name a few. Its also good for web presence.

Price: Starting @ $49/month

Free Readability Tester – This is a great tool for seeing how readable your content is. Just enter in a web address to an article or content page and it will tell you how readable the text is. The readability tester is great for content networks and bloggers.

Price: Free

Open Site Explorer – The OSE is a free tool provided by MOZ. Coming right from Moz’s mouth it allows you to, “Research backlinks, find link-building opportunities and discover potentially damaging links with Open Site Explorer.” Just put your domain in and you can see all your inbound links and website authority. Of course, for all the good stuff, you’ll have to pony up some dough every month.

Price: Starting @ $99/month

SharedCount – This is a simple little tool too see how many shares you have from some of the most popular social networks. Just enter in your URL and see how many people have shared your website from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Stumbleupon.

Price: Free

PikToChart – PikToChart allows you to create awesome infograhpics with ease. They have hundreds of templates to choose from, just enter in your data. Its like a Photoshop for Infograhpics but much more simple.

Price: Starting @ $15/month

MailChimp – Mailchimp is your one-stop-shop for emails. You can create gorgeous emails and schedule it to send at the optimial times. They have hundreds of email templates to choose from or you can design your own. If you are sending emails to you customers, I highly recommended Mailchimp.

Price: Starting @ $25/month (free trial)

Wayback Machine – This tool is one of the oldest and coolest tools online. You can see history of web pages from almost any date. If you want see what Google looked like in 2000, you can enter in the URL and see what that page looked like that year. Its a great tool to research competition and see where websites started.

Price : Free

HemingWay App – This is another app that tests the readability of text. Simply paste in a body of text and it will tell you if its easy or hard to read. They also have a desktop app!

Price: Free

Mention – Mention enables webmasters tool see what people are saying about your brand and join in on their conversation. It searches the web for conversations about your competitors, brand or industry and you can find these conversations and join in on them. Its a great way to see what your customers are saying and offer customer service.

Price: Starting @ $29/month

Canva – Canva allows you to make amazing designs for marketing material. Its kind of a like a simplified Photoshop online. They also offer a large database of flyers, social graphics, infographic templates and a butt load more design elements.

Price: Free

Keyword Density Analyzer – The keyword density analyzer by SEO Book is a free tool that allows you to see keywrord density of text blocks. This is a great tool for bloggers and content creators to see keyword density for SEO.

Price: Free

Ahrefs – I would personally recommend Ahrefs. Its one of the most powerful tools for any SEOist. You can see all your backlinks, disavow links, find popular content and see your keyword positions in the web. I would suggest Ahrefs for anyone looking to buy SEO software.

Price: Starting @ $99/month


Compete – Compete allows you to monitor competition. benchmark performance and discover business opportunities. Its similar to Ahrefs and provides a ton of a feature rich tools for SEO and SE rankings.

Price: Starting @ $249/month

Alexa – Alexa is one of the older website traffic tracking systems. You can enter in your website and see detailed information about your websites ranking in the world. Its a great tool to keep an eye on competition and get a general ranking for your websites.

Price: Freemium

WordStream Keywords – WordStream’s free keyword tool allows you to find similar keywords and relative search volume for those keywords. Of course if you want to see more data, you will have to pony up.

Price: Freemium

Openr – Openr allows you to gain traffic to your website and capture leads and emails. It allows you find online content and share it.

Price: Starting @ $39/month

Blog Topic Generator – This tool is great for finding blog topics to write about. Just add a few news to the generator and it spits out a ton of actually decent blog articles ideas.

Price: Free

LikeAlyzer – This neat little tool gives you a general overview of your websites stats with a few good recommendations on how to increase your stats.

Price: Free

DownforEveryoneorJustMe – This is a great tool for any webmaster. It allows you to see if websites rae down for just you or if they are down for everyone. Looks like we’re up!

Price: Free

Copyscape – Copyscape allows you to search the web for copied web pages. This is a good tool for finding duplicate content. Its also great to check your blog post articles before posting them to make sure they are no similiar articles out there already.

Price: Free

Marketo – Marketo is a platform of products for inbound marketers. They offer lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing and mobile marketing products.

Price: N/A

RocketFuel – Rocketfuel is marketing that learns. They offer a programmatic marketing platform that allows you to connect with consumer at key moments of influence.

Price: N/A

AccuRanker – This neat little tool lets you track your rankings in the SERPs. You can compare competitors and get daily reports.

Price: Starting @ $29.95

Unbounce – Unbounce allows you to build, publishy & A/B test landing pages seamlessly. They offer a simple page design app where you can create high converting landing pages and lead capturing pages.

Price: Starting @ $49/month

Visually – Visual.Ly allows you to create engaging content that helps you stand out. They create video, ebooks, infographics and presentations that are stunning and beautiful.

Price: N/A

ScoopIt – Scoopit is a content marketing platform. They allow you to plan, source and distribute your content in minutes. Scoopit is great for finding popular content on the web and comparing popular content.

Price: N/A

Kapost – This content gallery services tracking all your marketing content all in one spot. This allows you to optimize your content through multiple channels.

Price: N/A

KissMetrics – Here is a great tool for website tracking. You can segment your traffic, track conversions and it integrates with a ton of cool APIs.

Price: Starting @ $200/month

ZenDesk – Zendesk is probably the most popular ticketing and CRM system. They offer help desk software and live chat software.

Price: Starting @ $5/month


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